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Distracted Driving Accidents in Portland, OR

Distracted Driving Accidents in Portland, OR

Were you injured in a car accident caused by a distracted driver in Portland, Oregon? It’s a possibility that you have a valid claim for compensation from the at-fault driver. Tillmann Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer can help you explore your legal options and pursue a monetary award for your pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and more.

Our personal injury law firm has secured millions of dollars in compensation for our deserving clients, and we are confident that we can do the same for you. We work on contingency, so we only receive attorney’s fees if we win your case. You’ll pay us nothing upfront to hire us, and the more money you receive, the more we do as well. 

To learn more, contact our law office in Portland at (503) 773-3333. We can take your call 24/7 and offer a free initial consultation to go over the facts and circumstances of your case.

How Tillmann Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help With Your Distracted Driving Accident Claim in Portland, OR

How Tillmann Law Can Help With Your Distracted Driving Accident Claim in Portland

People face distractions constantly when they are behind the wheel. Most of the time, nothing bad happens as a result. But in some instances, distracted driving can result in serious injuries and damages.

If this has happened to you, you deserve adequate compensation, and that compensation may not be far out of reach.

Tillmann Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer can take care of every aspect of your claim while you focus on recovering from the distracted driving accident. We’re award-winning Portland car accident lawyers who have been named Super Lawyers and Top 100 Trial Lawyers by prominent legal outlets. If you hire us to assist with your distracted driving accident case in Portland, OR, we’ll:

  • Launch an investigation into your case to determine the liable parties, calculate all of your damages, and collect evidence
  • Negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf, with the ability to file a lawsuit if the other side will not settle
  • Protect you from erroneous allegations that the accident was actually your fault

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced Portland personal injury attorneys. 

How Prevalent Are Distracted Driving Accidents in Oregon?

Distracted driving accidents occur regularly across the country, causing more than 3,142 deaths in the year 2020, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Institute (NHTSA). The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has an entire page dedicated to distracted driving that contains useful information and statistics regarding this type of accident.

ODOT statistics reveal the following information regarding distracted driving accidents:

  • In the years 2016-2020, there were 15,538 crashes, 186 fatalities, and 24,126 injuries due to distracted driving in the state
  • Throughout 2016-2020, there were 59,074 convictions for distracted driving

Based on this data, there are roughly 40 car accidents due to distracted driving in Oregon every single day, on average.

How Do I Prove Liability in a Portland Distracted Driving Accident Case?

Most car accident cases are based on a negligence cause of action. Negligence occurs when the following legal elements are satisfied:

  • Duty of care – an example is that drivers owe a duty of care to others on the road in terms of driving according to law.
  • Breach of duty – an instance where this element would likely be met is when a driver runs a red light.
  • Causation – there are two types of causation in this context, factual and proximate
  • Damages – you must have suffered some sort of harm as a result of the other driver’s actions to meet this element.

As the personal injury victim, you will need to supply evidence in support of each element. Each element must be satisfied “by a preponderance of the evidence,” which is considerably easier to meet than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard in the criminal context.

You may bring forth various forms of evidence to support your claim, including but not limited to things like:

  • Medical records
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Expert analysis and testimony
  • Photos and videos of the accident scene
  • CCTV footage, if available

Our Portland distracted driving car accident lawyers have been proving negligence cases for many years. During our thorough internal investigation of your case, we will work hard to collect the necessary evidence to establish the validity of your claim. Call us today for more information.

Can I Still Receive Compensation if the Distracted Driving Accident Was Partly My Fault?

Yes – but only up to a certain point. The State of Oregon follows a modified comparative negligence standard with a 51% bar to recovery.

You’ll be assigned a percentage of fault for the accident with this standard. If that percentage reaches 51% or more, you cannot receive compensation. If it is less than that, your financial award can be reduced based on your assigned percentage.

For example, if you receive a $250,000 award but are assigned 20% of the blame, that award can be reduced to $200,000 (the full amount less 20% for fault).

Comparative fault is a key issue in many car accident cases because it can impact the value of your claim so heavily. To that end, hiring a Portland car accident attorney is one of the best ways to protect your rights and interests during this process.

Contact Tillmann Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer today to learn about how we’ll be able to help you with your case.

Schedule a Free Case Review With an Experienced Portland Car Accident Attorney

Distracted driving may be common, but that doesn’t mean you deserve justice from the at-fault driver after an accident. Instead of worrying about how you will be made whole again, consider hiring Tillmann Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer. We’ll work hard to pursue adequate compensation on your behalf while you take the time you need to rest.

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