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Case Results

10x the Offer Pedestrian Hit By A Vehicle The client was a pedestrian hit by a vehicle. The insurance company made an offer that was rejected. Throughout the life of the Case, the insurance company refused to work with the Plaintiff. The Case was taken to completion, and the ultimate judgment was ten times the initial Offer.
$300,000 Trip and Fall Our client fell on her evening walk with her husband in front of a private residence. The insurance company initially denied liability. When we filed suit against the homeowners, and the insurance company discovered that our client provider care for a disabled youth and opened her home to foreign exchange students, they tendered their policy limits.
$250,000 Motorcycle vs. Truck collision Our client was involved in a motorcycle v. truck accident. The collision resulted in a broken leg injury to our client. The insurance paid the policy limits.
$205,000 Slip and Fall Client slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk in front of a supermarket after a winter storm. The store had sufficient time to clear the ice and make the sidewalk safe but failed to do so.
$155,000 Automobile Rear End Collision Our client had a prior TMJ surgery. She was a back seat passenger in a low speed rear end collision that re-injured her jaw requiring additional TMJ surgery.
$150,000 Motorcycle hit by a Car During rush hour traffic, our client was hit by an automobile turning left. The insurance paid the policy limits.
$125,000 Pedestrian hit by a car during a winter storm Our client was knocked to the ground by a truck that didn’t see him. After a quick recovery at the hospital, we obtained a good result for this client.
$120,000 trip and Fall Client tripped fell on a sidewalk in front of a business that was not properly maintained.
$100,000 Pedestrian hit by a Car Client was crossing the street in a crosswalk. He was hit by an inattentive driver. The insurance company paid the policy limits.
$100,000 Low Speed Collision Passenger in a low speed collision at a four-way stop with back injuries. The insurance company for each driver refused to pay claiming that the other driver was responsible.
$90,000 rear-end car accident Client suffered a soft tissue injury due to a minor impact rear-end collision.
$65,000 Automobile Rear End Collision Our client was rear ended and suffered neck and back injuries. The other driver should not have been on the road due to a medical condition.