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Gresham Truck Accident Attorney

Gresham Truck Accident AttorneyCommercial truck accidents can be disastrous for those involved. Most seriously injured victims in trucking accidents are occupants of the smaller motor vehicles, not the trucks. Yet it is often the truck driver or trucking company that is at fault.

At Tillmann Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer, we support the rights and interests of the injured. We are not afraid of going up against large trucking corporations. If you or a loved one has serious injuries from a recent Gresham, Oregon truck accident, find out if we can help.

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What Makes Us Unique?

  • We are kind, compassionate, and respectful personal injury attorneys.
  • We use aggressive and proven legal tactics during negotiations on behalf of clients.
  • We are responsive to clients’ needs in their present situations as well as for the future.
  • We boast a unique perspective thanks to former insurance claims professionals on staff.
  • We take Gresham truck accident cases on a contingency fee basis.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

It is important to hire an attorney to help you handle a truck accident injury claim for many reasons. One is to counter the negotiating power of the defendant. Most truck accident suits name trucking companies as the defendants.

The average truck company in Oregon will have substantial resources and legal teams to help it fight liability and refute your damage claim. Hiring a lawyer can help you match a trucking company’s resources with your own, to improve your odds of achieving a successful settlement.

Without a lawyer’s assistance, you might accept a lowball offer from an insurer and lose your right to negotiate for more.

Common Reasons for Gresham Truck Accidents

At Tillmann Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer, our job is to identify why our clients’ accidents happen. With this information, we can build a claim against the correct at-fault party in the pursuit of financial compensation.

Our lawyers and other professionals, such as hired experts and investigators, can analyze your truck accident for signs of fault and causation. From there, we can identify the defendant and file your claim by Oregon’s two-year deadline.

In most situations, a trucking company will be vicariously liable for the actions of its truck drivers, maintenance crews, cargo loaders, and other workers.

Your claim will most likely go to the trucking company’s insurer in Oregon, even if the driver was an independent contractor. Other liable parties, however, could include a third-party driver, property owner, the government, or an equipment manufacturer.

Personal Injuries We Can Help You With

Most clients contact Tillmann Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer because they have serious or life-changing injuries that require attention from a lawyer. Our Gresham per sonal injury attorneys is happy to help victims with a wide range of injury types.

We may be able to help you recover and move forward after a bad traffic accident involving any personal injury.

We can also help you recover for emotional and psychological injuries, including distress or anguish.

Whether you are the injured victim or wish to bring a claim on behalf of a deceased loved one, find out how Tillmann Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer attorneys can help. We bring aggressive legal tactics and genuine compassion to each case we take in Gresham.

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Hiring the right lawyer can make it easier for you and your family to recover fair compensation for your damages after a truck accident. A successful claim could reimburse you for vehicle repairs, medical bills, lost income, and more.

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