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After a HORRIBLE experience with a different law firm (Goldberg&loren) I called Tillman law for some advice on my auto accident. Jason was so helpful and went above and beyond to help me get some answers in my personal injury case and total loss vehicle. Jason not only helped answer my questions but even though their law office couldn’t take my case on he still provided me with help to best navigate my total loss vehicle. I am still just in awe that there is people out there willing to help you, even if they don’t get something in return. Hire this company! They will fight for you.
Response from the owner: Hello Dajana,Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with us. We're thrilled to hear that Jason was able to assist you during such a challenging issue and provide valuable guidance regarding your auto accident and total loss vehicle situation.At Tillmann Law, we genuinely believe in going above and beyond to support individuals like yourself, even if we're unable to take on their case directly. Your kind words truly mean a lot to us and serve as a testament to our commitment to helping others navigate through difficult legal situations.If there's anything else we can assist you with in the future or if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help.Thank you again for choosing Tillmann Law, and we wish you all the best moving forward.
Response from the owner: Mandi, Thank you for the 5 star review. I'm glad my team was able to answer your questions and assist with your concerns. We are here to help with any legal needs you may have. Have a good day. Aaron
Tillman was extremely professional and helpful.
Response from the owner: Kelly, Thank you so much for your kind words! Our goal is to provide professional and helpful service to all our clients. We're delighted to hear about your positive experience. If you or a loved one needs help in the future, we will be here for you. Thank you
Great people at this firm really enjoyed everything they did for me. Shout out Aaron his a real one.
Response from the owner: Mike, Thank you. It has been a pleasure representing you, I know the firm has enjoyed working with you.
I usually don't leave reviews but I had to in this case. Aaron Tillmann gave me exceptional service. I have to say that I highly recommend him for your attorney needs. He did a great job for me and I'm more than pleased, and thankful.
Response from the owner: Michael, thanks for the kind words and wonderful review. I'm very pleased with your outcome, and I'll let the team know about your review. Thank you!
They were very nice and I appreciated their answers.
Response from the owner: Mary, Thank you. Always feel free to reach out and we are happy to help with any legal issue and try our best to answer any legal questions for you. Thanks again, and have a wonderful day.
The Tillman Law group did a fantastic job helping me with my claim. They were very quick to answer any questions I had and gave me updates when they had new information for me. We used Aaron for an auto accident my son was involved with as well and will definitely use him in the future if needed.
Response from the owner: Jay NV,Thank you for sharing your positive experience with the Tillman Law Group. We're delighted to hear that our team provided prompt and informative assistance throughout your claim process. We truly appreciate your trust and look forward to assisting you in the future if needed.Tillmann Law
Super helpful and always has details about any situation!!! I recommend!!!
Response from the owner: Precious, thanks for the great 5 star review, and thank you for trusting us with your case. I'm glad we got the great outcome we did, and wish you the best. Thank you,
Very knowledagble, caring and responsive. They made sure I understood all my options. Aaron and his team have guided guided me through the process of my personal injury case. I was able to get a great outcome for my situation!
Response from the owner: Melannie,Thank you, we appreciate the kind words and great review. It has been a pleasure to work with you on this case and we are glad we were able to get this resolved for you. If you ever need anything in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Sincerely, Aaron Tillmann
I want to infinitely thank Mr. Tillman for his incredible work on my case. I'm so deeply pleased with the turnout. I thank him for all of his effort and determination that led to it. It truly shows his dedication and skill! In the future, I will be recommending him to everyone I know.I also want to thank everyone at his office who dealt with and had been patient with me. I was not the easiest client, and I really appreciate all of the work of Jason, Julia, and others to keep the case on track.
Response from the owner: Ashley, Thank you for the kind words and great review. We had to do some fighting on this one, but you handled everything with poise and ease. I've passed along your kind words to the office, and I can speak for everyone that we are all excited about the outcome we got for you. Thanks for entrusting us with your case. Aaron
Aaron was beyond personable, capable, and passionate throughout my case. He handled my traumatic incident with the upmost of care and took my case to trial with positive outcomes. I can’t tell you how much it meant to really know I had someone on my side.Even after the case was ruled, he has continued to stay in touch & explain future legal proceedings - truly he has held my hand every step of the way.If I ever find myself in a circumstance where I’m in need of another personal injury attorney, I will without a doubt give Aaron Tillmann a call. I would recommend him to any friend or loved one. Thank you Aaron!!!
Response from the owner: McKenzie, Thank you for the kind review. It is truly a pleasure to help clients such as yourself work to achieve justice for the wrongs committed against them. Thanks for entrusting us with your case, and I look forward to continuing to assist you.
Response from the owner: Justin, Thanks for the five star review. It has been a pleasure representing you and I'm pleased with the result.
Thanks Aaron, we truly appreciate everything you have done for us.I know that I was a handful early on, but you handled it with a deft touch and ultimately proved yourself to be a great advocate for our family none the less.Thanks so much Bud!You have my eternal respect and gratitude.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words Alan. I greatly appreciate the trust and faith your family placed in my firm to obtain justice on behalf of your son. I wish you all the best moving forward.
Tillmann helped me out a lot! Going over ever detail with the case from both sides and always informing me what is going to happen through out the case. Definitely recommend Tillmann Law!
Response from the owner: Tim, thank you for the kind words. Nothing makes this job more satisfying than having a great client willing to file the case and push back against the insurance company.
I had the pleasure of working with Aaron and his team over the course of the last year. They were very professional and responsive. Dealing with injuries can be dreadful, but Aaron made it as painless as possible. I highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Justin, thank you for the kind review and recommendation. It has been a pleasure to represent and work with you. If we can provide any assistance in the future for you, or family and friends, don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you.
Aaron Tillmann and his entire staff were professional, empathetic and very knowledgeable. They assisted our family at a time when we were grieving the loss of our son with compassion and respect.
Response from the owner: Bonnie, my condolences to you and your family. It has been an honor to represent Will and your family. Thank you for the kind words.
I am very grateful and pleased with the services of Lawyer Aaron and his team work, especially Julia, who was always attentive to my concerns and resolved my doubts with a good attitude and empathy, and best of all, she speaks Spanish. Thank you so much!!!
Response from the owner: Usuri,Fue un placer ayudarte a ti, y a tus hijos, con sus casos. Se que las colisiones automovilisticas pueden ser muy estresantes para nuestros clients y estoy feliz de la firma haya podido obtener excelentes resultados para ti, y tus hijos. La firma crece a partir de referencias de clients, asi que si usted, un miembro de la familia o una asmistad necesita ayuda legal, pidales que nos llamen. Agradecemos su confianza en nuestro negocio.Julia
I was involved in a serious auto accident. Not that there is a good time to be in any accident, it just happened to be 2020. Tillman Law and support staff kept me in the loop as the court system was disarray with all the Covid issues. The staff was very professional and courteous. In a nutshell, they took care of me.
Response from the owner: Ken, thanks for the vote of confidence in our team! I appreciate the kind words about taking care of you and your case while dealing with the Courts during a stressful time. Representing good people such as yourself makes our job much easier. Thank you.
My husband was in a bad car accident a few years back, and he was stopped due to traffic. He was behind a fuel truck, and someone rear-ended him, going 60mph. The worst part was our 6 mo old was in our and the truck was totaled beyond repair and my husbands back injured severly he ended up with 2 broken vertebrae. Our child had ptsd any time getting into a vehicle after that. Tillman made this right even though we couldn't do much for our son other comfort him and make car rides more comfortable from there on out Tillman was able to get my husband the money he deserved after the other driver was extremely negligent and either not paying attention or on his phone or something unfortunately this was during covid and when the police came they didnt do a single thing to check for any of that. We can't say enough good things about Aaron Tillman he gave us our hope back and the ability to have back surgery to repair a lot of his back issues due to the car wreck. So if you have been in an accident definitely call Tillman Law they're amazing super professional, kind and empathetic beings who will work for the best possible outcome for your case and fight they won't just roll over and play dead they spent about 2.5 years on my husbands case never giving up. He was always super honest with my husband and always communicated everything. So again, thank you, Aaron Tillman, and thank you to your law firm for working so tirelessly. We appreciate it more than you know.
Response from the owner: Jordan and Alex, we are grateful to help your family out. Being in a collision that upends your life and leaves you feeling helpless is not a place anyone should be. We will always work tirelessly to help those injured and ignored by the insurance companies to ensure they are made whole and receive the justice they deserve. Thanks for the kind words. Our entire team was excited about the outcome, and if you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks for letting us help.
Aaron is great. He is professional and personable which makes you feel cared about during the process. He will provide advice and resources so that the process is smooth and renders positive results. I highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Cassie, thank you for the kind words. It is great to have wonderful clients like yourself, and I'm honored to represent you and pleased with the result. Thanks you, Aaron
Still working with them to this day! Great firm great people. Much recommend
Response from the owner: Michael, thank you for the glowing review!
I can’t recommend Tillman Law enough. We were in a sticky situation from a car accident in December and my partner was out of work for over a month. Aaron told us we may not be able to get those lost wages, but he would definitely try to fight the insurance for them and even then we might not see the money for a long time. It’s only been 3 1/2 months since the accident and we just got our lost funds today. Tillman Law was quick, efficient, and made this entire situation much less painful. I appreciate everything they’ve done for us.
Response from the owner: Brittany, Thanks for the kind words. It is never easy to take on the insurance company but when you have great clients, a dedicated legal office, it sure makes the job much easier. Thanks again!
Response from the owner: Hazel, Thanks for the Five Star review! It has been a pleasure to work with you and I enjoyed meeting your Mom! If there is anything else we can assist with, don't hesitate to reach out. Aaron
Great experience
Response from the owner: Jennifer, thanks for the review and vote of confidence. We enjoyed working with you, stay safe out there. Aaron
Really pleased with my experience at Tillmann Law. Mr. Tillmann and his team were on top of my case, worked hard to answer any questions I had and finished my case in a timely manner. I was really happy with the outcome . Thank you!
Response from the owner: Oksana, Thank you for your kind words. I'll be sure to pass the message along to everyone at the firm.
Response from the owner: Robert, Thanks for the 5 Star Review!! It is always a pleasure to hear from our clients. Thank you, Aaron
Response from the owner: Thanks Tucker, it has been a pleasure working with you!
Mr. Tillman took care of my care seamlessly! He immediately hopped on my case immediately and guided me through the entire process. His team is professional, organized and well-resourced! He even went back to ensure the settlement was beyond fair. If you want someone who will fight tooth and nail on your behalf- Mr. Tillman is your lawyer!
Response from the owner: Linette, it is a wonderful feeling to fight for someone as great as you. Thank you for entrusting us with your case. It was a pleasure to work with you, and we are very pleased with the amazing outcome!
I am so happy to promote Aaron and his team. They did such an amazing job handling my case. Call them if you need service. I called him when I first needed help with my accident and he called me back within five minutes. This team is so great! I am so happy to have worked with them.
Response from the owner: Robert, it was a pleasure to work with you on your case. Thank you for the amazing review! The team is pleased with the result we helped you achieve, and enjoyed helping resolve your crash into something positive. If we can be of assistance with anything in the future, we are here and ready to help.
Mr. Tillmann and his paralegal Jason were fantastic to work with! They were always available to answer my questions in a timely manner and delivered a very good outcome after I was rear ended. I would recommend their services to anyone.
Response from the owner: Teresa, Thank you for the kind words and recommendation. We enjoyed working with you and getting to know you, and the team is very proud of the result we helped you obtain. Good Work!! If we can be of assistance in the future, please don’t hesitate to call me directly. Aaron
Amazing team at the Tillman Law, LLC . His work speaks for it self. Thank you for being professional and above all understanding to different people. God bless everyone that works there .
Response from the owner: Roro, Thank you for the kind review, and all are welcome at Tillmann Law. God bless you as well.
Aaron and his staff, especially Jason, were all extremely courteous, timely, and professional. Highly recommend, truly appreciate your hard work!
Response from the owner: Mercury, thank you for the amazing review! Very happy for you and the positive outcome we were able to help you achieve.
The Tillman Law Firm is amazing! I have been very pleased with everyone that I came in contact with concerning my case. They filed the case against the insurance company and fought hard in litigation to get what rightfully was taken from me. I would highly recommend them, they are the best in the Portland metro area!
Response from the owner: Danielle,Thank you for the kind words, I’ll be sure to tell the entire team. Sometimes it is necessary to file so that the insurance company knows we are serious, and we will take the case to court. I’m very pleased with your outcome and I’m honored for the pleasure of representing you. Thank you!
Everyone told me that getting money from the insurance company isn’t easy and it takes a long time probably more then a year but when I decided to call Aaron about my situation and explained everything and right away he took my case and told me what to do every step of the way so I never had to deal with the insurance, made everything go smoother, felt very comfortable and reliable. In other words Aaron knows what he is doing and I would recommend him! Don’t go to anyone else cause he got me more money then what they wanted to give me and I am very happy right now thank you Aaron !!
Response from the owner: Cesar, thank you for your incredible review. It was a pleasure to work with you, and I’m pleased with the outcome. Everyone in our office was thrilled with your success in this case. Thank you again for allowing us to represent you!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5 star rating - it's much appreciated!
After my daughters car accident he was the only lawyer willing to take her case. She felt well cared for and he kept her informed of his progress. Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: Joey, thanks for the great review. I take pride in my willingness to help those that other firms will not. My team did an excellent job investigating this case, finding the at-fault party, and forcing the insurance company to pay up! It helps to have great clients like your daughter as well. Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the 5 star rating!
What a great job the people at Tillmann Law,LLC
Response from the owner: Rodger, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5 star review - it is greatly appreciated.
Aaron and Jason took my case back in December of 2019. They did a fantastic job negotiating with the insurance company, and I'm very happy with the outcome and the service that they provided. I would definitely recommend using their firm. Thank you again for your help!
Response from the owner: Kate, thank you for the review! It was a pleasure working for you, and Jason and I are so happy about the outcome in your case. Often it comes down to having a client who is willing to fight the insurance company, and when we have the client's support, it helps build a great team to take on the insurance company. Thanks for entrusting Tillmann Law with your case.
I had a great experience with Aaron. My case settled smoothly and for a fair amount more than I was expecting.
Response from the owner: Caitlin, thank you for the great review. I'm so happy that everything worked out well for you, and it has been a pleasure to work with and represent you. Aaron
Response from the owner: Alex, Thanks for the five-star review. It makes our job so much more enjoyable when we are working for great people such as yourself.
Aaron and Jason took our case right after Christmas in 2017. It was a very complicated situation that involved a handful of different people, several cars, multiple hospitals, uninsured drivers, and a negligent insurance company which took nearly three years for us to reach a conclusion on. It would've been a certain dead end had it not been taken on by the expertise of this firm. They were always there to answer questions and walked us through every step of the process along the way. Ultimately they scored a win in our favor and after several negotiations with the other party, we've reached an agreement on a settlement in September of 2020. Seeing how hard they fight for their clients, my family has opted to return to Tillmann Law several times since this first case for other, less significant events, all of which have also resolved in our favor. Highly recommend to hire this firm to represent your case.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the kind words Roman! You had a very complicated case, multiple issues that had to be addressed, but ultimately after filing suit we were able to get a great settlement for you. I’ve enjoyed working with you and your family, truly great people, and we are always here to answer question for any of you. Thank you again for entrusting us with your case.
Aaron and his team are awesome and are always there to answer your questions through whatever hardship you are facing!
Response from the owner: Katie, thanks for the wonderful compliment regarding everyone here at Tillmann Law. Everyone in the office takes pride in assisting every client throughout their case. It was great to work with you, and as always, if we can help with anything in the future, please give us a call. Stay in touch!
Aaron was very helpful and responsive in helping with my case. I’d highly recommend him!
Response from the owner: Olivia, thank you for the tremendous support. You are a true champion! The office and I are glad we have gotten to know you and assist you with your case. - Aaron
First of all these guys will fight for you!. The thing is dealing with insurance companies is such a hassle that it interferes with our lives and they only want to pay out the bare minimum. Now that we have to go to doctors, physical therapy and chiropractic appointments, etc. just to get better, all while trying to go to work and then having to deal with the insurance company on top of that. There is no way to keep track of it all. This team will help you get the best result possible and also take care of the process and communication with your insurance company.
Response from the owner: Roberto, my team and I at Tillmann Law appreciate your kind words, and thank you for your great review. It was a pleasure to represent you. It also helps us to understand your perspective in dealing with the medical appointments, thanks for that feedback. If we can help with anything in the future, please give us a call.
I am glad that this is finally going to be completely resolved. It has taken a long time but there were complexities that we had to work through. I am very happy with your service. I am positive this was the highest and best outcome for me. I am still a little in awe of the discount you and Aaron were able to get. It is nothing short of amazing.I am completely satisfied with your hard work and the results. I would have never gotten the settlement on my own. Thanks again.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the fantastic review Harley (C.B.)Every once in a while, a case comes along where the insurance proceeds don’t fully compensate the injured. The medical bills are larger than the policy, and in your case, the defendant fled the scene and had no insurance. At that point, it becomes our job to work to reduce those medical bills and achieve a fair outcome for you and everyone else involved. I’m glad we were able to help you achieve such a good result. It has been a pleasure to represent you during this difficult time in your life, and we are grateful to have gotten to know you. Aaron
Wonderful law firm!I contacted Aaron after I sustained a broken arm from tripping on a faulty sidewalk...An insurance adjuster wanted me to quickly sign off on the claim, offering a fraction for my growing medical bills...I refused and hired Aaron.From the beginning and throughout my ordeal, Aaron was professional yet caring and understanding...He and his paralegal Jason were always available for any questions and concerns I had.Aaron negotiated a fabulous settlement for me that I never would've achieved had it not been for his tenacity and perseverance.I would absolutely recommend him and his law firm to anyone who seeks legal help and justice!...Thanks again Aaron and Jason!...Couldn't have done it without you!
Response from the owner: Mary, thank you for the kind words, and I'm so happy that we were able to get you a favorable outcome against the insurance company in your case. We will always be here to assist with your legal matters. Please feel free to stop by anytime, and if you have any family or friends that are having trouble with an insurance company, have them give us a call.
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