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The Mirena Crash Is Real, and It’s Affecting Countless Women in Oregon

Posted on March 25, 2023 in
The Mirena Crash Is Real, and It’s Affecting Countless Women in Oregon

Alternative birth control options for women are ever-evolving, and new products hit the market each year. Mirena is an intrauterine device (IUD) manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals that has been subject to lawsuits regarding its controversial side effects.

As with other IUDs, Mirena is inserted into the uterus during a minor procedure and can remain in place for up to five years. While the device is considered safe by most women’s health specialists, some users have reported experiencing adverse side effects after having the Mirena IUD removed. 

This condition, known as the Mirena crash, involves a variety of physical and emotional symptoms and has led to ongoing lawsuits against Bayer that seek to recover damages and hold the company accountable. 

If you use Mirena, it’s essential to understand how this medical instrument may affect your health and your legal options in Oregon if you experience Mirena crash symptoms.

What Is the Mirena Crash?

The Mirena crash describes the adverse side effects that some women experience after removing the Mirena IUD. 

Some of the most common side effects include:

  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Acne
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss

The term “crash” describes this phenomenon because the onset of these symptoms is sudden, with few warning signs.  

Emotional Response When the Mirena IUD Is Removed

Although the physical symptoms of a Mirena crash are not recognized as life-threatening side effects, many experts consider the emotional effects as high risk.

When the Mirena device is removed, many women experience a disruption in hormone levels, which can impair mental health and trigger abnormal behavior, including mood swings. 

As such, suicidal ideation is a cause for concern and may come alongside feelings like:

  • Sadness and hopelessness 
  • Constant irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • Excessive sleeping

Although the greater medical community has not officially recognized the Mirena crash, the symptoms can last for months and significantly interrupt one’s quality of life.

What Causes the Mirena Crash?

The precise cause of the Mirena crash is not yet known, but research suggests it may be linked to hormonal changes in the body. Mirena releases small amounts of the progestin hormone to prevent pregnancy. When the device is removed, the sudden drop in progestin levels may cause negative symptoms.

Beyond hormonal changes, the Mirena IUD may also cause physical irritation to the uterus and other reproductive organs. This irritation can cause inflammation, contributing to persistent symptoms of discomfort.

Fortunately, legal options exist for women who have suffered Mirena crash side effects. 

Litigation against Bayer Pharmaceuticals has been ongoing since at least 2011. These lawsuits allege that Bayer failed to adequately warn women about the potential side effects of the Mirena IUD, including the risk of the Mirena crash. 

Lawsuits also claim that Bayer downplayed the severity of the side effects and misrepresented the device’s overall safety. 

In 2017, a high-profile class action settlement was reached for nearly 4,800 victims, and numerous more have been successful as individual claims across the United States. 

The best way to determine your options in Oregon is to consult a dedicated personal injury attorney. 

The Mirena Crash: What’s Next?

Not every woman will experience the negative side effects of Mirena removal. However, if you’ve had this device inserted already, it’s important to be aware of the potential health complications that may occur after its removal. 

Research into the Mirena crash is ongoing, and the side effects vary. If you experience mood swings, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, or physical side effects, speak with an experienced product liability attorney immediately.

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