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What our clients say

“I wasn’t sure about getting legal help with my collision claim, but when I went to Aaron, he made me feel comfortable with the process. I definitely got more than expected. I’m very happy with the outcome. Now things should be a little easier.”


“Thank you again for all your help…”

“Hi Aaron and Jason….just letting you know that I received my check today and deposited it……thank you again for all your help….have been busy for days with my grandsons but will get to my review of your fabulous law firm tomorrow!….will also stop by one day in the Spring or Summer with a thank you basket of Astoria’s finest goodies!….thank you again, dear friends!… Sincerely,…Me!….Mary!”


“Aaron negotiated a fabulous settlement for me…”

“I contacted Aaron after I sustained a broken arm from tripping on a faulty sidewalk…An insurance adjuster wanted me to quickly sign off on the claim, offering a fraction for my growing medical bills…I refused and hired Aaron.

From the beginning and throughout my ordeal, Aaron was professional yet caring and understanding…He and his paralegal Jason were always available for any questions and concerns I had. Aaron negotiated a fabulous settlement for me that I never would’ve achieved had it not been for his tenacity and perseverance.

I would absolutely recommend him and his law firm to anyone who seeks legal help and justice! Thanks again, Aaron and Jason! …Couldn’t have done it without you!”

Slip & Fall Accident Client

“I highly recommend Tillmann Law.”

“I came to Aaron 2 years ago frustrated, in pain, and really confused. All I knew is I was hurt, nobody was listening, and I didn’t know what was gonna happen. It is a scary space when you’re in that position. The being in pain and having no idea what the future holds. I feel like the moment I met with him I was being heard and felt like what happened to me mattered. He was very honest with me from the beginning about the process, what we had to work with, and even the risks. I felt informed and communicated with. And we just won a huge victory. For me, that means options are open, my family has security. I honestly don’t know what would have happened without Aaron and his team. I’m just grateful for them standing up and helping me be heard. Thank You for your work and dedication. I highly recommend Tillmann Law.”


“His ability to read our situation resulted in a positive outcome…”

“I suffered an injury in an auto accident before I retained Mr. Tillmann for his services. I appreciated his line of communicating with me in every instance of what the plan of attack would be. After making a number of visits to doctors and therapists, Mr. Tillmann helped facilitate a careful and savvy approach to persuade a defense that was at times uncooperative and unpersuaded. His ability to read our situation resulted in a positive outcome that we can all live with. I highly recommend.”


“We so appreciate all of your help.”

“Thank you, Aaron! I was so impressed with all three of you on Friday. You and Jason guided us well through the process and educated us along the way. The mediator was calming, helpful, charming, and effective. I’m happy to write reviews and I’m sure Kate will be as well.

I thought you might like to know that Kate’s boyfriend ended up riding down the elevator with the Progressive attorney and claims adjustor at the end of the day. He said they were definitely not happy with the outcome. That further convinces me that we had a very positive outcome.

Thanks again to both of you! It’s a relief that this is now behind us. We so appreciate all of your help.”


“Aaron and his team were incredible to work with.”

“Aaron and his team were incredible to work with. In addition to being extraordinarily thorough on the case and patient with me, they were tireless in ensuring I received the maximum amount possible in order to receive the care I needed. He genuinely cared for my well being, would call me just to check on the status of my health. He is an all-around stellar person to work with. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking justice and care for personal injury cases.”


“…Top-notch, highly effective, and a pleasure to work with.”

“We hired Aaron after our daughter and I were rear-ended by an inattentive driver. My daughter was more significantly injured due to her delicate post-operative state. He helped us deal with uncooperative insurance companies and negotiated a very positive settlement. In fact, the look on the claims adjuster’s face at the end of the medication session that settled the case reaffirmed that we had done very well. Aaron educated us along the way and explained the process clearly so we knew what to expect. Both Aaron and his legal assistant Jason are both top-notch, highly effective and a pleasure to work with. I recommend them very highly. Results speak for themselves!”


“Very Happy with your Service.”

“I am glad that this is finally going to be completely resolved. It has taken a long time but there were complexities that we had to work through. I am very happy with your service. I am positive this was the highest and best outcome for me. I am still a little in awe of the discount you and Aaron were able to get [from the lien holders]. It is nothing short of amazing. I am completely satisfied with your hard work and the results. I would have never gotten the settlement on my own. Thanks again.”

Christian B.