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What to Do If Your Child Was Injured in a Bicycle Crash

Posted on April 18, 2022 in

Being involved in a bicycle crash can be a traumatic experience, especially for children. In many cases, these accidents involve collisions with motor vehicle drivers, which can lead to devastating injuries and serious hardship.

As a parent, it can feel scary and overwhelming if your child is injured in a bicycle crash. However, it is important to take certain measures to support your child and your family’s future claim against the negligent driver. In these situations, take the following steps to seek help.

what to do if your child was injured in a bike crash

#1: Call the Police

After a bicycle accident involving your child, call 911 and report the collision to law enforcement right away. The police will respond to the crash and create a detailed report that includes vital information, such as how the accident occurred and the name of the at-fault motorist.

You should always contact the police, even if you do not believe that the accident was serious. Your child may have more serious injuries than you may initially believe. Additionally, the police report will be a valuable piece of evidence in your future bicycle accident claim.

#2: Seek Medical Care

One of the first steps that you should take following a bicycle accident is to seek medical attention. Take your child to the hospital immediately and save all records related to his or her treatment and injuries in Portland.

Like contacting the police, you should take your child to the doctor even if they do not appear injured. He or she may have internal or underlying injuries that could develop into serious problems. Your medical records will also serve as crucial pieces of evidence.

#3: Gather Evidence at the Scene

As soon as possible following the accident, take steps to document and gather evidence at the scene. Take photographs and videos of your child’s injuries, property damage, the at-fault driver’s vehicle, and the area around the accident. Collect pieces of physical evidence and store them in a secure location. 

#4: Collect Contact Information

Next, collect the names and contact details of any witnesses who saw the accident occur. These individuals could testify on your child’s behalf and help corroborate important factors about the collision. 

Then, briefly exchange information with the at-fault driver. Make sure to collect the driver’s name, contact information, license details, and insurance policy. Avoid making any statements to the driver about the accident or your child’s injuries.

#5: Hire a Portland Bicycle Accident Attorney

If your child is injured by a negligent driver while riding his or her bike, he or she may be eligible for financial compensation. By filing an insurance claim or lawsuit against the motorist, your family could recover a settlement to pay for medical care, lost wages, and other damages. 

Navigating this process can be difficult alone. In these situations, it is important to consult with a Portland bicycle accident attorney who can represent your family’s claim and secure the compensation that you deserve. 

Do not speak to the at-fault driver or any insurance representatives following your child’s accident. Instead, reach out to an attorney who can represent your case. After your child receives medical care for his or her injuries, contact a bicycle accident lawyer to discuss your next steps.

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