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How Much Is My Accident Claim Worth?

Posted on July 27, 2022 in

After a car accident in Portland, you can sustain a wide array of financial, physical, and emotional damages. Under Oregon’s fault insurance system, the person responsible for your accident must pay for these losses — and you may wonder just how much compensation you can expect. Your accident claim’s worth will vary based on a number of factors. Tillmann Law’s Portland personal injury lawyers can help you figure out your options after a car accident, call us today if you have further questions regarding how much your case is worth. (503) 773-3333

Damage #1: Vehicle Repairs

One of the most common expenses after a car accident are vehicle repairs, which can range from minor fixes to massive, comprehensive repairs. In some cases, the mechanic may declare your car totaled, and you may need to purchase a new vehicle entirely. The more extensive the damage, the higher your accident claim is likely to be.

Damage #2: Medical Expenses

After a car accident, you likely suffered injuries that require medical care. You can claim compensation for both past and future medical costs after your accident, which may include medications, surgeries, hospitalizations, and even physical therapy and disability accommodations.

The more treatment you require and the more serious your injuries are, the higher your claim value is likely to be. Higher medical expenses usually mean lengthier recovery times, which may impact your other damages as well.

Damage #3: Lost Income

With any injury, you may have to take time off work to rest, recover, and seek treatment. Lengthier recovery times means more time away from your job, leading to weeks or even months of lost income. The longer you have to stay out of work, the more lost income you can claim.

In addition, your injuries may be so severe they prevent you from returning to work at all, or performing the same job function. You can claim compensation for loss of future earnings in these circumstances, which increases the value of your potential claim.

Damage #4: Pain and Suffering

You can claim compensation for your physical and emotional pain and suffering after an accident, which can be difficult to quantify. Insurance companies use different formulas, but the most common include the following.

  • The multiplier method, which assigns you a number based on the severity of your injuries that the company multiplies by the amount of economic, or tangible, damages you receive to calculate your pain and suffering amount
  • The per diem method, which assigns a dollar amount to each day you cannot work due to your injuries until you reach maximum medical improvement

In both scenarios, the more serious your accident, the higher your pain and suffering damages will likely be. For example, an accident that results in a minor injury might receive a lower multiplier or less days in recovery. A major injury will likely receive a higher multiplier or require lengthier treatment times.

Damage #5: Loss of Consortium or Enjoyment

Another damage that falls under the pain and suffering category is the loss of consortium or enjoyment. Typically, courts award this damage in situations where you suffer a serious injury in a car accident and your spouse or partner loses your support and physical companionship. If your injuries impact your ability to engage in daily activities or enjoy life, you may receive additional compensation.

All of these damages can also be applied if your loved one was killed in the accident. You can learn more about these cases by visiting our wrongful death attorney page.

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