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Utah Bicycle Accident Results in Plea Deal

Posted on October 23, 2015 in

Utah bicycle accidents seem to be increasing with frequency. Every year we hear of more and more accidents that occur on Utah roadways, and the difficult reality of these accidents is that no matter who is at fault, there is never a good outcome for the cyclist.

Plea Deal:

Last year, a Nevada resident hit a St. George man, killing him, and fled the scene. I am sure the driver of the vehicle was scared at the time, and for whatever reason, he left someone to die alongside the road. Here is a link to the Salt Lake Tribune new article:

Plea Deal for Utah Bicycle Accident

It Happens All the Time!

I frequently like to ride my road bike as well. Just a few weeks ago I took a weekend to spend in St. George and get some road cycling in. Twice, during the same ride, I nearly had a person pull out from a stop when I had the right of way. The worst part about the entire incident was that it was the same driver each time and the person was texting on their phone.

How I Stay Safe:

Keep in mind when a vehicle approaches an intersection, they are not looking for a person on a bicycle. They are expecting to see other vehicles on the cross street that has the right of way. When I approach any intersection on my bike and I have the right of way, I always seek to make eye contact with the driver. I will usually make a load yell, not in an antagonizing way, but to get their attention. Lastly, I always acknowledge the eye contact with a wave. If you follow these steps you should severely limit the vehicle from pulling out on you.

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