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What to Do When Your Insurance Company Denies your Personal Property Claim

Posted on March 2, 2016 in

As a personal injury attorney, I often get asked about a client’s personal property claims. Typically, most insurance companies do a good job of handling these with efficiency. But occasionally I will have a client come into my office that can not seem to resolve a personal property claim with the insurance company.

This can be a frustrating endeavor when dealing with a car that was totaled from an automobile accident, or even worse, maybe your house was destroyed in a flood or fire. These types of situations can leave people without transportation or their personal belongings. It wasn’t bad enough that this tragedy occurred, but now the after effects can have greater ramifications.


There is no way to put this lightly, but the very reason you bought insurance was to protect yourself. So what happens when your insurance denies your personal property claim? Well, it is up to you to protect yourself. It is nice to have a rainy day fund that you can dip into when this type of tragedy occurs. Not everyone will have that back up plan, and they may need to look to their family, friends, or local church organizations for assistance.


The number one thing I see people are hesitant to do is to spend a little money to protect their valuable claim. They think it is enough to hire an attorney, or they have their own pictures. That is not always the case. Typically, I will have my clients hire a 3rd party claim investigator and have a report written up. This person will come out to the property, take pictures, evaluate the damage, and give you a fair estimate of what the claims value is. When you have this type of report and evidence it becomes difficult for your insurance company to deny your claim.

Not all personal injury actions are about bodily injuries. Clients need assistance with their wreck car, their flood-damaged home, or the fire that burnt their house to the ground. If you have been involved in any of these types of scenarios, give my office a call immediately. Do not make any statements to the insurance company that is unwilling to assist you by denying your personal property claim and get proper representation.

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