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Meridian Wrongful Death Attorneys

The emotional losses suffered by surviving family members after a loved one’s death are often significant and devastating. In addition to emotional losses, survivors are often left with financial struggles after an unexpected death in the family. If someone’s reckless or negligent conduct resulted in your loved one’s death, you and your family might have a wrongful death claim for compensation.

Attorneys at Tillmann Law handle all types of personal injury cases, including wrongful death claims. They understand the struggles their clients face after losing a loved one, and their goal is to help them get the best possible outcome in their case. Contact our office online or by calling (503) 683-8113 to meet with a wrongful death attorney for a free and confidential consultation.

About Our Meridian Wrongful Death Lawyers

  • We know that a financial recovery cannot erase your loved one’s death, but wrongful death compensation can help you protect your family’s financial future. Our Meridian personal injury attorneys represent survivors in wrongful death claims. We understand that compensation can help you and your family move forward after losing your loved one.
  • Our attorneys have a history of successfully representing surviving family members in wrongful death claims. We know the unique laws that apply to these cases, and we have the skills and resources to help get justice for you and your family.
  • After losing a loved one, surviving family members often face significant challenges and financial concerns. To help reduce financial burdens, our attorneys represent clients on a contingency fee basis. You will not receive monthly legal bills from our law firm, and we will only be paid after we have helped you win your claim.

The Value Of Your Meridian Wrongful Death Claim

Valuing wrongful death claims is a complex process. To secure a full and fair financial recovery, it is important to have experienced legal representation advocating for your right to compensation. A wrongful death attorney will thoroughly examine all of your economic and non-economic damages to help you secure a maximum financial recovery for you and your family.

Recoverable economic losses often include medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, loss of financial support, and the value of your loved one’s household services. Non-economic damages are losses that do not have an affixed monetary value, such as loss of love, companionship, guidance, and advice. Depending on your specific circumstances, additional compensation may be recoverable as well.

How Tillmann Law Can Help

We begin our legal representation with aggressive investigations and prompt witness interviews. Our investigative tactics often result in finding evidence that is not easily discoverable. We do everything we can to preserve important evidence and ensure that your claim is timely filed against all responsible parties.

Because of our resources and years of practice, our attorneys have extensive contacts with experts who we frequently enlist to work on our claims. We hire experts, such as medical and financial professionals, to consult on our cases and provide expert witness testimony when it benefits our clients.

Contact Our Meridian Wrongful Death Attorneys

Contact a Meridian wrongful death attorney at Tillmann Law online or by calling (503) 683-8113 to learn more about our law practice and how we can help you and your family get the compensation that you deserve. We work on a contingency fee basis so that you do not pay for legal services until we help you secure a financial recovery from the responsible parties.