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Divorce is a traumatic experience for the two involved, their children, other family members, and friends. It is important that you have a compassionate attorney that understands your concerns and is able to address those concerns. At the same time, you will need to have counsel that will zealously guard your rights as a parent and protect your financial assets and future.

Child Custody/Parent Time

This can be the most important aspect for many individuals getting a divorce. If the parties can not agree on the child custody and parent time the court will make an order determining the care, control, and maintenance of your children. Tillmann Law will guide you through the legal and physical custody aspects of your case, while assisting you and keeping in mind the best interests of the children.

Child Support

Parents have a legal duty to support their minor children. The state has a calculator that takes into account child time and income of the parents to determine what the child support will be. While it is the general guidelines that determine the child support there are times where deviating from the child support guidelines are warranted.


Alimony is spousal support, court-ordered allowance that one party pays the other party for support. There are a myriad of factors that determine who qualifies for alimony. Tillmann Law can assist you on whether you have a good argument to request from the court alimony.

Property Division

While two individuals are married that have acquired assets and during divorce those assets are going to have to be divided. There may be tax implications and determinations on who will be responsible for debts. One of the largest mistakes parties make is foregoing assets to get other concessions. This can be a short sighted resolution that years down the line leaves the party with larger financial burdens then they ever imagined.

Child Custody Modification

A child custody modification requires a substantial change in circumstances with one or both of the parties. It is important that you review with legal counsel that can advise you on whether or not you have a substantial change in circumstances to ask the court for a change in custody in Utah.

Protective Orders

Is someone has harmed you or you are in eminent danger it is important that you contact the police immediately. After you have filed a police report, give our office a call and we will advise you on seeking a protective order from a former spouse or partner when appropriate. A protective order is appropriate when the respondent has harmed the petitioner, they are related, or live or used to live with each other, have children together.

Stalking Injunction

A stalking injunction is much like a protective order but when someone does not qualify a protective order a stalking injunction may be appropriate.