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Coeur d’Alene Boating Accident Attorney

Whether you were injured in a boat, jet ski, or other type of watercraft accident, you may have a personal injury claim against the responsible party. Everyone who takes to the water has a duty to operate watercrafts safely and according to applicable rules and regulations. When negligence or recklessness results in boat accident injuries, the responsible parties should be held accountable.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an offshore accident, you need an attorney who has experience handling boating injury cases. No two boating accidents are alike, and there are often many factors involved that make these claims more complicated than typical personal injury claims. Attorneys at Tillmann Law represent clients in all types of personal injury cases, including boating accident injuries. Contact our office online or by calling (503) 683-8113 for a free consultation with a boating accident attorney.

About Our Coeur d’Alene Boating Accident Attorneys

  • Boating accidents can result in severe injuries, often requiring missed work and significant medical expenses. Our attorneys offer free boating accident consultations. We make hospital and home visits for those who cannot travel due to the severity of their injuries.
  • Causation and liability issues can be complicated in boating accident cases. Our experienced personal injury team has the experience and resources necessary to thoroughly investigate offshore accidents. We will advocate for a full and fair financial recovery for your losses.
  • Our attorneys will pursue the best possible outcome in your case. We seek maximum compensation for our injured clients so that you can afford the medical care you need, now and in the future.

Boat Accident Liability

As mentioned above, liability issues can be complicated in boating accidents, and under some circumstances, you may not even know who caused your accident. Our attorneys will review your accident, speak with witnesses, go over accident reports, and hire experts if necessary, to determine how your accident occurred and who was responsible.

Boating accidents are often caused by operator negligence. Common accident factors include speed, inattention, intoxication, poor maintenance, reckless operation, lack of safety equipment, and wrongful death. Other liable parties may include boat manufacturers, boat owners, watercraft rental companies, and any other person or entity who caused or contributed to the accident.

Fatal Boating Accident Injury Claims in Coeur d’Alene

Unfortunately, fatal injuries are not uncommon in boating accidents. If you lost a loved one in an accident on the water, you and other surviving family members might be entitled to compensation under a wrongful death claim. In Idaho, close family members, such as spouses, children, stepchildren, and parents, may pursue compensation for their losses due to their family member’s death.

Recoverable compensation in wrongful death claims is different than compensation in other types of personal injury claims. Instead of financial recovery for the injured party’s losses, wrongful death claims compensate survivors for damages, such as loss of the decedent’s financial support, the value of the deceased’s household services, funeral expenses, and loss of comfort and society.

Contact Our Coeur d’Alene Boating Accident Attorneys

At Tillmann Law, we know that recovering from a boating accident can be a difficult process, especially when defendants and their insurance companies stand in the way of the compensation that you deserve. However, the personal injury claim process can be easier with the help of an experienced legal advocate. Contact our office online or by calling (503) 683-8113 for a free consultation with a boating accident attorney.