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Boise Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident with an intoxicated driver in Boise or anywhere else in Idaho, it is critical to preserve your claim against all responsible parties. As described in more detail below, there may be short legal deadlines for your drunk driving injury claim, and if you miss your deadline, you may lose your right to recover compensation from liable parties.

At Tillmann Law, we have experience handling intoxicated driver injury claims, and we know that time is of the essence when you are pursuing maximum compensation. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident, our attorneys can help. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal recovery options.

Drunk Driving Injury Practice

  • Our Boise car accident attorneys are compassionate, and they know that drunk driving accident injuries can turn your life upside down. We will take over the legal process and aggressively advocate for maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. You did not ask for these injuries, and you should not have to pay for them.
  • Our attorneys strongly believe that those who choose to drink and drive should be brought to justice after an injury accident. We will pursue all liable parties to ensure that they are held accountable.
  • We know that severe and catastrophic injuries might prevent you from traveling, and we believe that severe injuries should not prevent you from meeting with legal counsel. Our attorneys make home and hospital visits to meet with those who cannot travel because of their injuries.

Drunk Driving Accident Liability in Idaho

Everyone knows that it is illegal and dangerous to drive while intoxicated. Depending on the facts of your case, the drunk driver who caused your accident and anyone else whose fault caused or contributed to your accident might be liable for your injuries and damages. Idaho law provides that under some circumstances, individuals and entities who provided alcohol to a drunk driver may be responsible for resulting injuries and damages.

In general, under Idaho law, a person or entity who provided alcohol to someone that they knew or should have known was under the legal drinking age may be liable in a personal injury claim. Alcohol providers may also be responsible for furnishing or selling alcohol to someone that they knew, or should have known, was intoxicated at the time.

Protecting And Preserving Your Drunk Driving Claim

To protect and preserve your right to pursue compensation from all responsible parties, you must file certain legal documents before the applicable deadline, known as the statute of limitations. Under many circumstances, you have two years to file a personal injury claim. However, there are exceptions, and you might have a shorter deadline to notify specific parties about your claim. For example, you have 180 days to provide notice of your claim to a person or entity who provided alcohol to the drunk driver.

Contact Our Boise Drunk Driving Attorneys

Attorneys at Tillmann Law represent clients who have been injured in drunk driving accidents, and they understand that your monetary recovery is critical for your physical and financial well-being. We will exercise all of your legal recovery options against every responsible party to pursue maximum compensation for your losses. Contact our office online or by calling (503) 683-8113 to speak with a law firm representative today.