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Boise Brain Injury Attorney

Every year, millions of people suffer from brain injuries, and thousands of those people suffer fatal brain injuries. Unfortunately, brain injuries are sometimes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, and patient injuries are exacerbated by not getting the prompt medical care and treatment that they need. Personal injury cases involving the head and brain are often complex matters that require experienced and aggressive legal representation.

At Tillmann Law, we understand that there is no such thing as a minor brain injury. Although every brain injury is different, these injuries frequently result in severe and long-term symptoms and sometimes permanent disability. If you or a family member suffered any type of head or brain injury as a result of someone else’s wrongful conduct, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. Contact our firm online or by calling

Why Our Boise Brain Injury Lawyers?

  • Our attorneys are passionate about helping injured clients seek justice and secure financial recoveries from all liable parties. We know that brain injuries often require expensive medical care and treatment, which is why we pursue maximum compensation for our injured clients.
  • We provide affordable legal representation for all of our clients. Our attorneys take cases on a contingency fee basis. Instead of sending you monthly legal bills, our fees will come from a percentage of your personal injury compensation. We don’t get paid until we help you win your case.
  • Our case results speak for themselves. We have successfully recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. We aggressively pursue all responsible parties whose misconduct caused or contributed to our clients’ injuries and damages.

How A Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help

As mentioned above, head and brain injury cases are complex legal matters. To prove your claim, you must be able to show that the defendant was at fault for your accident and demonstrate the full extent of your injuries and damages. Our attorneys will take over the accident investigation, evidence gathering, and witness interviews so that you can focus on your physical recovery.

Brain Injury Compensation

Personal injury compensation depends on the extent of your injuries and other losses that you suffered as a result of your accident. Typically, compensation for long-term and permanent injuries will be greater than financial recovery for injuries that are milder in nature. Your injuries must be carefully evaluated to ensure that you do not accept a settlement offer that doesn’t cover all of your injuries and damages.

For example, in addition to past and ongoing medical bills, your future anticipated medical bills must also be valued to make sure that you are not stuck paying out of pocket for future brain injury care and treatment. Your financial recovery might also include compensation for pain and suffering, disability, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity.

Contact Our Boise Brain Injury Attorneys

At Tillmann Law, we understand the tremendous impact a brain injury can have on you and your family. Your case will not be treated like a number because every injury claim is personal to us. Your health and financial stability are too important to leave to chance. You need an attorney who is committed to maximizing your compensation. Contact our office online or by calling (503) 683-8113 for a free consultation to discuss your accident and legal options. If your injuries prevent you from traveling, we also make home and hospital visits.