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Know your options

Mr. Tillmann focuses his practice on the client and their satisfaction. Many times the individual when taking on the insurance company can feel overwhelmed. Mr. Tillmann assists the client is navigating that process and fighting to ensure that every right of the client is protected to the fullest extent.

The Process

After an initial interview you will be informed whether or not you are a good candidate for bankruptcy and whether you should file a chapter 7 or 13. Once you retain our office we work with you to compile the paperwork necessary to file. There is an easy online course that each filer must take. Once your case is filed the creditors harassment has to stop. Approximately 45 days after you file the creditor’s hearing is held. While they are a hearing, they are not conducted in a court room, rather a Trustee overseeing your case conducts the meeting. You are accompanied by your counsel and occasionally creditors will attend but are limited to asking about asset as they relate to their claim. For most chapter 7’s that is it. For a chapter 13 that is submitting a plan to pay back creditor’s something, there is still a confirmation hearing to determine if your plan is workable and there are not objections by the Trustee or creditors in it proceeding forward.

Chapter 7 “Fresh Start”

  • Most debt eliminated or discharged.
  • Stops garnishments, creditors from harassing you, foreclosure, and repossessions.

Chapter 13 “Restructure”

Reasons to file a 13 rather than a 7: Income is too high, you have property you would lose in a Chapter 7, you filed bankruptcy within the last 8 years.